Intern Latin America – Helping people to find job opportunities in Latin America

Intern LatinAmerica

I met one of the founders for Intern Latin America on a recent visit to Medellin, Colombia.  It is an interesting business model and is starting to get some recognition on CNN and the Financial Times.  It also works in the space I am most passionate about; education and employment generation – so I thought it would be an appropriate first venture to share on this blog. 

About: Founded in 2011, Intern Latin America is an organization that helps people (particularly youth) to find that needed first bit of work experience in Latin America (Argentina, Chile and Colombia for now) in a new or otherwise difficult or impossible job field.  It is particularly targeted for people from Europe or the United States who want to come to Latin America and learn spanish as well as gain experience in a new field of work such as medicine, finance or social impact.

Social Need Addressed: Youth unemployment, skills upgrading

Business Model: Interns pay Intern Latin America a fee in exchange for job placement and accommodation for the duration of the program.

Concerns: How scalable is this model? Barriers to entry are low – why can’t someone copy this model?



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