This site is dedicated to highlighting examples of social impact business models.  It profiles business venture ideas which have come up with innovative and sustainable business models to address social needs around the globe.  Profiling the social need the ventures address, how they make money to be sustainable and potential challenges they may face.  The overall goal is to share and spread ideas so that more such ventures may be created and grow.    

Kusi Hornberger (Founder)

Focus Areas: Agribusiness, Education, Employment Generation, Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa

Kusi is a global citizen being born in Peru, raised in the United States and having lived and worked in countries as varied as Australia, Brazil, Singapore and Tanzania. Trained as an Economist with a Bachelors in Economics & International Relations from University of Pennsylvania, an MPA-ID from Harvard Kennedy School and an MBA from INSEAD Business School. He also has more than a decade of work experience in economic development and strategy consulting in a diverse set of emerging economies mainly in Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa with companies such as Bain & Company, the International Finance Corporation (IFC), Global Partnerships and TechnoServe Inc.  Kusi is extremely passionate about Social Entrepreneurship and Impact Investing and has created this blog to help discover and document some of the most innovative business ventures addressing key social needs in education, health and unemployment around the globe.

Contact: kusi@sibm.co

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