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EFL – Expanding banking services to the poor with psychometric testing


A post surfaced across my Facebook feed today highlighting the 2012 results of an organization started by another classmate and friend of mine.  It is a very interesting organization doing cutting edge work in behavioral finance and microfinance and well worth examining here.  In fact Entrepreneurial Finance Lab (EFL) which has built a psychometric testing methodology to measure the credit worthiness of the unbanked has been so innovative last year it won the G-20 SME Finance Challenge,  has also been featured in global media giants like the Financial Times and partnered with the likes of the IFC and Aspen Network of Entrepreneurs.  

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Intern Latin America – Helping people to find job opportunities in Latin America

Intern LatinAmerica

I met one of the founders for Intern Latin America on a recent visit to Medellin, Colombia.  It is an interesting business model and is starting to get some recognition on CNN and the Financial Times.  It also works in the space I am most passionate about; education and employment generation – so I thought it would be an appropriate first venture to share on this blog. 

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